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Las luciérnagas
El poder del Inconsciente
Plasticidad Inconsciente
El sueño
Saber inconsciente


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Born 18/02/1960


Calull holds a Postgrade in Teaching of the Visual Arts from Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona (UAB). She received her formal psychoanalyst training at Grupo Cero School of Poetry and Psychoanalysis and holds a Master's in Clínical Psycho-Pedagogy from León University (UL) and Neuronal Science Mental Health Institute (INSM), in Barcelona. She has also got studies in Natural drawing, Mural painting and Illustration. Calull's paintings has been shown in Barcelona, Girona, Milano, Neopoli, Turkey, Bali, Miami, Mexico and Philippines. Her work is part of different private and public collections, foundations and museums.


"Vuelta al Psicoanálisis" Work in progress This series is focus on my experience about Phsychoanalysis.The different senses of the word "Vuelta" in Spanish language: return, a walk, to go around sth, to turn sth over, to turn sth, to spin, to think about… The exploration of empty space, the suspension, the notion of border delimitation of the self, the other, repetition ... Simple lines and shapes that define and limit the Ego.

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