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His work is liked by:, Corpo 6 Galerie, Projektraum Ventilator 24,

She Was A Party Girl  (series: Peep Show 2)

Vera Arjoma

Lives and works at Finland

Born 25/02/1977

Curriculum currently lives and works in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland Education: BA, Fine Arts, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, Finland, 2010 B.Soc.Sc., Political Science, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, 2014 Summer studies in media as Helsingin Sanomat Fellow, Communication Unversity of China, Beijing, China, 2012 Selected private exhibtions: Nimeämätön, Galleria Seinä, Helsinki, 2014 Still Life / REVISED, Galerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany, 2014 Citius Altius Sportius, private show, Gallery 3h+k, Pori, Finland, 2013 Peep Show: Directions For A Viewer, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland, 2010 Selected juried collective exhibitions, curated group shows and art festivals: Finnish Art Associations' Annual Exhibition, Imatra Museum, Imatra, Finland, 2014 The Butterfly Effect, W.N. Gallery, New York, USA, 2014 BorderBody – Mixing Cities and Identities, Gdynia InfoBox, Gdynia, Poland, 2013 Liquid Borders, Castello Svevo ja Santa Teresa dei Maschi, Bari, Italy, 2013 X-Border Biennial, Rovaniemi, Finland Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä, Finland, 2013 Celebration, group exhibition of Rajataide, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland, 2013 CARE, Tampere Art Associations juried exhibition, Gallery Pihatto, Lappeenranta, 2012 Unikuvia, Union of Finnish Art Associations, Saarijärvi Museum, Saarijärvi, Finland, 2011 NEU/NOW, european art achools' festival, online, 2010 Survival Kit 2, Appartment, live-art event, Riga, Latvia, 2010 Diverse Universe, performance festival, Pärnu, Estonia, 2010 Perf, perfromance art festival, Pori, Finland, 2009 ARS Viikinsaari 09, environmental art exhibition,Tampere, Finland 2009 Forces of Light, Helsinki, Finland, 2008 Selected performances: Cycle, Riihimäki Art Experince, Riihimäki,Finland, 2011 (solo) Miss Piss 2011, Monument of Mannerheim, Helsinki, Finland, 2011 (Juurikasvu-group) Coronation, Performance Fiesta, Tampere, 2010 (Juurikasvu–group) Flying Fun!, Market of Possibilities, Tampere, 2009 (Juurikasvu-group) Untitled, street performance, London, Great-Britain, 2008 (Juurikasvu-group) Eternal Support, street performance, Tampere, 2008 (Juurikasvu-group) Setting, Perfo! -performance event,Telakka,Tampere, 2008 (Juurikasvu-group) Planting, Tampere Student Theatre, Tampere, 2008 (solo) Artist-In-Residence: Nes Artis residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland, 2014 Prizes: Photo Annual Awards, Honorable mention in category Emotions single, 2014 Art Fair: Art Arthina, international art fair, Athens, Greece, 2013 Grants and stipendium: Arts Promotion Center Finland, project grant, 2014 Arts Promotion Center Finland, artist-in-residence grant, 2014 FRAME, project grant, 2013 Arts Promotion Center Finland, Pirkanmaa region, travelling grant for group, 2013 VISEK, project grant, 2013 Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, for media studies, 2012 Curating: Performance Satellite, 5th Triennial of Pirkanmaa, Tampere, Finland, 2012 Selected publications: ”Interview: Vera Arjoma”, interview, It's Liquid Platform, on-line, 14.1.2014 ”The New Collector's Book - 3rd Edition”, Basak Malone LLC, New York, USA, 2013–2014 ”X-Border Biennial: Vera Arjoma”, video interview, X-border Biennial, 2013 ”Mäntän kuvataideviikoilla voi sukeltaa mustaan kabinettiin”, art critic, Helsingin Sanomat, 20.6.2013 ”Catalogue”, X-Border Art Biennial catalogue, Norrbottens Media, 2013 ”Unien kaupunki”, XVII Mänttä Art Festival catalogue, Vammalan kirjapaino Oy, 2013 ”Liikkuvan kuvan tutkija Vera Arjoma”, an episode of ”Madness of Art”, Väri-TV, 12.3. 2013 ”Vera, kuvataitelija”, interview, Tampere University TV, 27.2.2012 ”Taide katoaa, jos miettii liikaa rahaa”, an interview, Aamulehti, 5.5.2010


Examination of slow and hidden processes of life is central to my multidisciplinary work with installation, photography, moving image, sculpture and performance. I’m combining the essence and means of expression of different forms of visual representation, and this has produced a datum for the structure of the piece. Setting up questions and proceeding towards uncertainties and unfamiliarities, is fundamental to my way to advance the creative process. I've dealed with relationship of mind, body and the environment, studied how looks and gazes are internalized as parts of identity, how the spatial mind is gendered, and dealed with embodyment of spirituality, and created contemplative moving image pieces etranced by the aesthetic of slowness in this hectic paced time. I see that the conceptualization doesn't happen without feelings, emotions or sentiments.

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