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Born 23/10/1982


2014 Colletive exibhition "Smartup Optima". Curated by Alessandra Troncone (Napoli); 2014 Colletive exibhition "First Flight". (New York); 2014 Colletive exibhition "13X18". Casa di Schiele. Curated by Mario Francesco Simeone. (Benevento); 2014 Colletive exibhition "Ri-Creare". (Guardia Sanframondi – BN); 2014 Colletive exibhition "Under One Roof". (New York); 2013 Personal exibhition "Fill The Voids.". Curated by Mario Francesco Simeone. (Benevento); 2013 Colletive exibhition "Sannio Photo Contest". (Benevento); 2013 Live painting @ "In the Middle of the Street". (Angri – SA); 2013 Colletive exibhition @ Stencil Art Prize 2013 (finalist 'World' and winner t-shirt contest). (Sydney); 2013 Live painting @ "In Wall We Trust" (III edition). (Airola – BN); 2013 Colletive exibhition "Textures". (Airola – BN); 2013 Light painting performance for "Week-end del Bianconiglio". (Benevento); 2012 Live painting @ "Festival degli Artisti di Strada". (III edition). (Calvi – BN); 2012 Live performance ROOTS @ "Coltivart". (Benevento); 2012 Colletive exibhition "In Wall We Trust". (II edition). (Airola – BN); 2012 XXI National contest of painting "Città di Sant'Agata Dei Goti". (Sant'Agata Dé Goti – BN); 2012 Colletive exibhition "Demo Day". (San Martino Valle Caudina – AV); 2012 Live performance NAFTA @ "Textures" Collettiva contemporanea. (Airola – BN); 2012 Colletive exibhition "Textures". (Airola – BN); 2012 Colletive exibhition "Il Borgo adotta l’AISM". (Torino); 2012 Personal exibhition “Tra Scienza e Arte – modi non convenzionali di virare”. Curated by Antonio Pagliafora. (Montesarchio – BN); 2012 Colletive exibhition @ "Live painting @ Rising Love". (Roma); 2011 Live painting @ "In Wall We Trust" (I edition). (Airola – BN); 2010 – 2012 Colletive exibhition "Vinyl Disk Art Attack". (Lecce, Bari, etc...); 2010 Colletive exibhition "Ortika@Rising Love". (Roma); 2010 Colletive exibhition "Zerostigmata Benefit Collective". Curated by Mattia Fagnoni Onlus. (Napoli); 2009 Colletive exibhition "Ortika – Poster and Stickers" (Sant'Agate De' Goti – BN); 2008 Site specific installation for “Animasannio”. (Benevento); 2008 Site specific installation for "Colocon Circus". (Roma); 2008 Site specific installation for "Europe Connection". (Benevento); 2008 Site specific installation for "Sannio Connection". (IV, V, VI e VII edition). (Benevento); 2007 Live painting @ "Muralia". Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. (Benevento);


Born and raised in Benevento (south italy), Last22 has always been passionate about visual arts while being self-taught. From an early age close to the street art, after a few years, however, opened their horizons to new techniques, so taking a personal journey that takes him from graffiti to stencil. Immediately remains fascinated by the possibility to realize, starting from digital images, masks which allow to obtain any kind of shape. His works, inspired with studies in communication, concern topics such as culture, society and politics, but also the most intimate moods, exploiting a typical language of the mass media. The detailed figures thanks to a technique that allows it to be fairly accurate, in fact, end to take second place compared to the subtext that contains the real message of its production. Several of his works have taken part in group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

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