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elisa gonzalez miralles

vivo e lavoro a

data di nascita 21/04/78


Elisa González Miralles combines her artistic projects with her work as a comercial photographer, besides this, she teaches photography in her own school, MADPHOTO. Born in Madrid, Elisa began her career as a photographer after studing a Master Degree from EFTI school. Her first exhibition was in Rome, where she lived one year, and it was part of the International Photo Festival 2005. Elisa received a grant from World Press Photo, Asian Europe Foundation and Philiphines Center of Photojournalism for taking part of the project “Urban Youth” in Manila (2007). Her long term Project “Memories without memory” was awarded with the Fotopres07, and was exhibited in several cities in Spain. In 2008 her work “China Town” got the first prize Unicaja de Almería. In 2009 she exposed “Psicometrías” in Teatro García Lorca (Madrid) and “Detrás del Cristal” in Tolmo Gallery (Toledo). In 2010 she was selected by Winthertur Fotomuseum for the Darkside II exhibition. She exposed “Sobre mis Pasos” in Rina Bouwens Gallery at PHE11 and Incubarte 2012 (MUVIM Museum, Valencia). Recent Works have been selected for the Voies off Festival (Arles), Photography Show (San Diego), Internacional Festival Lishui (China), RayKo`s plastic cámara Show (San Francisco), Descubrimientos PHE14 (Madrid).

Descrizione del lavoro

My work is about how people relate to each other and their surroundings, physically and emotionally, it is often about what is not said. I am interested in what people possess within and what they actually project to the outside world, and how they construct their own identity. I am worried about how the power of society, culture and tradition make a strong influence in people behabiour, building limits for the identity development. OVUM I want this work to make people doubt about the limits between a doll and a woman. This project intends to question the development of women`s social role since the birth of gynoid and sex dolls, in a country like Japan, which leads technological developments, and whose society is heading more and more towards individualism. The myth of the“woman doll” presents an idealization of women, that forces them to live up to an unattainable moral and aesthetic unreachable goal. It is a plastic woman who never changes her anatomy, it is an ideal woman who has all the virtues that are required of a female body, like beauty, youth and sensuality, but without any of the undesirable characteristics exhibited by real women.

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