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vivo e lavoro a ATHENS

data di nascita 13/01/72


Martha Dimitropoulou was born in Athens, Greece, 1972. She earned a B.F.A in 1997 from Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece. She continued her studies in London with a scholarship provided by the Board of State Scholarships Foundation. There she earned an M.F.A from RCA and a PD in Fine Arts from UeL. In December 2013 she has had her second solo exhibition at Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens, Greece. Her work has been exhibited in group shows such as: 2014, “Uber-Bodies”, Hydra School Project, Hydra, Greece ~ ” Epiopou” , Andros, Greece ~ “Mimicry’’, Costa Navarino Engaging Art, Messinia, Greece ~ “Buffet’’, Martinos Fine Art Gallery, Athens, Greece 2013, “During the eclipses art mates”,CAMP, Athens, Greece ~ “Zoo”, Martinos, Athens, Greece ~ “Aegeanale”, Myconos, Greece. 2012, “Amnesia”, Elika Gallery, Athens, Greece ~ 2011, “Like a W(edge)”, ReMap KM Project, Metaxourgio, Athens, Greece ~ 2009,“Crystal Structure”, ReMap KM2 Project, Metaxourgio, Athens, Greece ~ 2008,“TheIsland”, CosmoPolitismos, Athens, Greece~ 2007, “Atropa Vanitas”, CosmoPolitismos, Athens, Greece ~ “Unfair”, Hotel Imperial, Athens, Greece ~ 2005, “Io non parlo italiano”, ex Convitto Palmieri, piazzetta Carducci, Lecce, Italy ~ “Art Show”, Zina Athanasiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece ~ “Photosynkyria”, Mysterious and Miracles, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, Greece ~ “Manderley”, Hotel Astoria, Thessaloniki, Greece ~2004“Athens: Metropolis by accident?”, Center of Contemporary Art Giorgio de Chirico, Volos, Greece ~ “Athens: Metropolis by accident?”, Bios, Athens, Greece ~ “Domestic Alien”, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece ~ 2003,“Brave New World”, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece ~ “Bureaucracy”, Ministry of interior, Athens, Greece ~ “Sculpture you love”, Lab art projects, Athens, Greece ~ 2002 “Arkadia in the City”, Marble Hill House, Richmond, London, United Kingdom ~ “Strand”, Strand underground station, London, United Kingdom.

Descrizione del lavoro

Nature and especially the plant world have always been principal inspirations in my work. I have used natural materials on many occasions, sometimes unadulterated and other times modifying them with the aim of adapting them to the needs of a given work-installation that I am creating. The story with the pine needles began about four years ago. I had recently moved to a house in the woods and the abundance of this particular material initiated a process of thinking about what I could do with it and how. But the actual prompt came in the form of an exhibition in which I participated around that time and for which I created my first work out of pine needles. The exhibition, The Island, had as its point of departure the work of Daniel Dafoe, Robinson Crusoe. I was fascinated by the story of this Western man who sailed far from his land, losing his world and with it his hope of return as well. Stripped of everything, the only choice that he saw that he had was to create a new world with the measures and values of Western colonial civilization. Thus he introduces his conformist ways along with the idea of property and power into a completely virgin and natural environment. He designates the native subject as his slave and declares himself the owner of areas of the jungle, which he defends just as he would in his own country. The land and every type of ownership are translated into financial value and for its possession even blood is shed. What made an impression on me were the paradox and the contrasts in this story between the values of Western culture and those of nature. I therefore made a royal crown with a natural material that is in absolute contrast with the meanings and symbolisms of a crown. I was compelled by the combination of this humble material and symbols of wealth, authority, and power. Thus I created a series of works based on this relationship. Objects renowned for their technical proficiency and use of high quality materials are rendered with this fragile and cheap material. I was also compelled by the idea of using the pine needle as a type of "pixel," which can reproduce an image of the forest (Narcissus [2013]) or one aspect of its life (Fox [2012]). I use the pine needle as a unit, which is reiterated with the same consistency that one could choose to create a sculpture out of clay or plaster. I experiment with the durability and density of this magical material, shifts in scale and size, and the transformation of this wooden mass into three dimensions, small sculpture, and architectural-scale installation. The work that I presented in my most recent solo exhibition at the gallery Ileana Tounta is an armored Mercedes S500—the par excellence vehicle for transporting holders of power—which is constructed life-size and entirely out of pine needles. The exhausting precision and time that was needed to complete the work on the one hand point to the concepts of the Expensive, the Unique, and the Treasured, while on the other hand they declare my intention to comment on the way that power is put on display in juxtaposition to its content—that is, as something that its very nature sustains or rejects. The object that I have chosen—a symbol of wealth, authority, and power—is weakened by the fragile form it possesses and it loses its socio-political character, thus implicitly undermining the very means of exercising and representing power.

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